Family Support Program – Current

We are committed to serving a group of 280 families that have been identified as severely food insecure 2 times a month over the course of 6 months. These families will receive emergency food hampers which include pantry staple foods like dried beans, rice, barley, and lentils as well as other supplementary items.

Past Programming

Hand Up for Kids is an initiative created in response to the COVID – 19 impacts on the Toronto community, particularly towards alleviating food insecurity. This initiative aims to provide healthy meals to low income households with children and vulnerable youths that rely on school programs for a majority of their meals. With this program, we were able to serve over 15,000 families from April 2020 – August 2020 with an emergency food hamper via last mile delivery service.

Sandwich Runs is a program that we have operated since the inception of our charity. This program included packaging ready-made sandwich bag lunches and distributing it to the homeless population at various locations such as Moss Park. Over the course of 4 years, Hand Up successfully served over 15,000 meals to our clients in need. This program has been placed on hold due to COVID-19.